The Band

There often comes a time in society when good people have to raise their collective Pitchforks and kick some Kleptocratic tail. We hope to play the soundtrack to that worthy cause. In the meantime, we will keep on playing your party, pub or theater into a freedom lovin’ frenzy.

The Pitchfork has always been an inclusive operation and we are lucky to have all the players that have joined us over the years.

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John Lucey – Banjo

The part of our band that makes Bluegrass, well, Black. Ninjo. He’s only been in a couple fights from stage and they weren’t his fault. He didn’t start them but he certainly ended them. He shreds the banjo deeper and darker than a Virginia forest on a new moon.

Jayson Bowerman – Fiddle

Usually hits stage seconds after a river swim. Jayson’s violin can be sultry-sweet or psycho-shred. A true artist on an instrument or inside of one–check out his Bowerman Guitars!

Ethan Ebersold – Guitar

Reluctant front man/wall-flower. But he can write a tune you will be singing the next morning and pick a g’tar with a flavor all his own.

Mark Hencel – Mandolin

Don’t let Mark’s distant stare on stage make you think he isn’t ready to pop off and melt your face at any moment. A True picker with the high lonesome sound on vocals that keep us yelling “Sing One Mark”. Always the last to sleep, Mark has energy for several projects all over the NW.


Rob Wright – Bass
Rob is every bluegrass band’s dream. He can sing like a son-o-gun and can take the bass in every direction needed. Solid all the time. Rob can be seen playing in many great portland arrangements as well.
Rob Wright

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