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Pine Creek Farm

Ethan wrote this song about his family’s land in Wisconsin. It has been in their family since the 1850s. The land features forested hills, bluffs and waterways which at the time were considered undesirable land. The Pine Creek Farm was titled to his family from the Buchanan administration as part of the Native American land restitution. Ethan credits this homeland for many of his fondest memories and influences. The family plans to keep the land managed sustainably for generations to come. A place where hopes and dreams start…

(Had to adjust the name a bit for lyrical purposes)

Making the Album

Last spring, we spent 3 wonderful days recording live in Portland at the Hallowed Halls Studio. Described as “Portland’s Most Unique Studio”, the place lived up to its name and energy. We wanted to bring the live fun of our music to the recording so we pretty much cut all the songs in a group take vs tracking. So, it was just like our living room.

The best part of the recording process is the effort that all five of us took to be together for 3 days. Coming from different towns, jobs, families and finding a “center” where we could all bond was a pleasure. I suppose 12 weeks in a van together could take the new car smell off this great bonding time but with our operation, these dedicated times together are rare.

While the recording studio was something special, the nearby motel on Powell and 96th E was not. We dared not open the street level window and 3 of us crammed into the dirtiest room I’ve slept in, ever. No UV light needed to be creeped out here. Any light would do. We barricaded the door nightly and brought in our own bedding.

There was some sort of tropical vodka/lemonade mixture that made every session. It was strong.

Somehow we were able to cut 12 songs in 2 nights recording. It fell together nicely and we were happy to get down some material that helps represent the music we like to make and play.